Keeping Bed Bugs And Pests Out Of Your Home

Pests are known to be troublesome critters because of their propensity to annoy homeowners and business proprietors. Naturally, they will always be viewed as unwanted visitors. People typically experience distress and disgust when they discover their home is infested with crawlies like bed bugs, ants, roaches, and other nuisances; their first instinct is to get rid of the bugs as soon as possible.

Turner (2021) claimed that we should start making changes to help remove bugs permanently by learning what draws them to our homes. According to her, insects require food, water, and shelter as humans do. Thus, to lessen insects’ likelihood of settling in our house, we must remove their favorite food sources and hiding places.

4 Things You Can Do To Keep Bed Bugs At Bay

The best action is always to contact a pest control expert when an infestation becomes unmanageable. A qualified pest control agent has the necessary equipment and expertise in identifying pests and carrying out the proper treatment method. Pest control professionals provide high-quality services and long-lasting solutions to your pest problem. They are certified to conduct treatment procedures such as bed bug heat treatment, chemical treatment, termite elimination, rodent control, and other methods that call for special handling. Nevertheless, you can take the following actions to help lessen the effects of your pest problem and deter pests from returning in the future:

1. Eliminate Survival Tools For Pests (I.E., Food And Water Sources And Shelter).

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) always emphasizes the importance of pest prevention. One of the most effective measures to keep pests out of your property is removing things that attract them, like food, water, and breeding spots. First, you must store your food in airtight glass or plastic receptacles. Second, you must dispose of leftovers in garbage cans with tight lids. Of course, you must regularly clean your home and keep it free from trash, clutter, and standing water, providing pests extra room to thrive and breed.

2. Seal Or Block Openings Or Entry Points.

Keeping your windows and doors screened creates a barrier between your household and pests, according to SC Johnson (2021). Moreover, you must seal any gaps, holes, or cracks on the walls or around your doors and windows. Entrance points can be sealed or caulked to keep pests out permanently. In addition, you must repair home damages like torn screens, broken glass on windows, and even plumbing issues such as leaks or clogs.

3. Keep An Eye Out For Your Luggage, Especially After A Trip.

Always check your suitcase and travel attire for signs of pests like bed bugs. You will likely get bed bugs while on vacation and unintentionally bring them home with you. Bed bugs are small crawlers that love to hitchhike and use this ability to enter people’s homes. Keep your luggage outside if you’ve recently returned from a trip. Let your trip belongings remain in the utility or garage while you inspect them. Washing them in hot water is an excellent strategy for washable objects like clothing. Freezing items for 24 hours also works effectively in killing bed bugs.

4. Observe Correct Pesticide Usage Procedures.

Be aware that utilizing pesticides ought to be a last resort. Take heed of the following advice before using pesticides:

  1. Apply the insecticide designed precisely for the bugs you are battling. Not all insecticides are effective against all bug species. Therefore, you must read the instructions printed on the pesticide bottle.
  2. Seek professional advice. Consulted professionals can guide you on pesticide use, application, and dosage.
  3. Always keep insecticides out of the reach of children and store them in properly labeled containers.

Eliminate Bed Bugs And Other Pests With Texas Bed Bug Experts

Pests are constantly looking for ways to get inside your house. Therefore, every homeowner is responsible for protecting, fixing, and preventing entry points such as fissures, cracks, tears on the screen, and other structural defects. Contact a pest management specialist like Texas Bed Bug Experts for pest prevention techniques.

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