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Looking for a surefire win against these infamous nightcrawlers? An elite team of bed bug experts is practically reachable in Irving Texas. Also serving in the metro complex, Texas Bed Bug Experts provides the Most Advanced Heat Treatment technology that can wipe off bed bugs and all their life stages in ONE SINGLE TREATMENT.

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This treatment not only includes Heat Treatment Technology but a few different waves of Organic Treatment that can assure you bed bugs and nymphs are untraceable. To give you assurance, this treatment includes ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Offering the metro complex and neighboring areas, Texas Bed Bug Experts are serving it hot and steamy that not a single nymph or bed bug can withstand. Ever.


4 Bed Bug Myths Debunked, Irving Texas

1. Bed bugs are only active at night â€“ First myth debunked. The truth is—they can attack you 24/7. Bed bugs are generally nocturnal. However, they will still feed on you when they get the chance to, especially in hours when the host is asleep. While feeding on you, bed bugs can produce an anticoagulant substance that won’t wake you up.

2. Bed bugs prefer an unsanitary environment â€“ It is a myth. Although well-maintained cleanliness can keep most pests out of your home, bed bugs latch onto clothes and other materials, bringing themselves into your pristine place. Bed bugs don’t discriminate whether a house is clean or not.

3. Bed bugs latch onto our bodies â€“ It is a myth—bed bugs don’t latch on the human body, they leave once the job is done without even waking you up. Bed bugs are creatures that cannot stand heat. Therefore, they don’t stick on human hair or skin just like lice or ticks do. Instead, they are more likely to attach themselves to backpacks, luggage, shoes, and other things not thoroughly exposed to heat. This would partly explain why Bed Bug Heat Treatment is one of the most effective methods in removing bed bugs.

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You have various options to choose from depending on the kind of infestation you have at home or in your establishment. We provide Heat & Spray that will only take one single treatment for faster and safer bed bug and pest control operation.

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Every bed bug company is NOT created equal. We will beat or match the price of any written quote from a competitor that does heat treatments.​