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Bed bugs and eggs die within 90 minutes of being exposed to heat. While bed bugs cannot physically withstand heat temperatures ranging from 118°F (48°C) or immediately at 122°F (50°C), our services also include organic spray to finish the job for you. You can assure that all bed bugs and their nymphs are wiped out the moment our professionals do the job for you.

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Our team of licensed and insured pest control technicians is trained to handle your pest situation at home or business establishments carefully and professionally no matter what season. Besides that, the most important thing above all is that WE GET THE JOB DONE—the reason why Texas Bed Bug Experts remains the most trusted pest control company in the neighborhood.


6 Bed Bug Prevention Tips In Fortworth, Texas

1. Secure clean storage – Bed bugs love to dwell in cracks, crevices, and sheets. Make sure that your unused sheets are stored in a sealed and secured closet or container to avoid bed bugs or dust mites from living in them.

2. Regularly clean your bed – Make no room for dust mites, spiders, or even bed bugs to linger especially on your bed where you and your loved ones sleep. Deep cleaning the concealed areas under your bed quarterly can make a huge difference in keeping pests away from your room.

3. Hot cycle laundry and bed sheets – For bed bug-affected areas or if you just want to avoid bed bugs lingering in your sheets, a pro tip would be hot cycling your laundry. Bed bugs and their nymphs won’t be able to stand the heat for long.

4. Vacuum and clean your carpets and furniture Aside from the cracks and crevices in your bed, the walls, or bedside lamps, bed bugs can mostly linger in your furniture and carpets. They like to dwell in tight openings where they can fit ideally. Vacuum and inspect for bed bug infestations in those areas.

5. Check your luggage and stuff when traveling Most bed bugs are acquired during travels. You never know if the buses, trains, or even hotels have bed bugs. Most of them can hitch on luggage, shoes, clothes, or any imaginable object where they can fit in. Inspect and disinfect when you reach home for safety purposes.

Seek professional help – It is not a walk in the park to have bed bugs at home where you and your loved ones sleep and take refuge. Texas Bed Bug Experts are licensed and insured to perform one single bed bug treatment that can wipe off and eliminate all bed bugs’ life traces including their nymphs. You can sleep easy now.

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You have various options to choose from depending on the kind of infestation you have at home or in your establishment. We provide Heat & Spray that will only take one single treatment for faster and safer bed bug and pest control operation.

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Every bed bug company is NOT created equal. We will beat or match the price of any written quote from a competitor that does heat treatments.​