Where Do Bed Bugs Hide On Your Body?

Bed bugs are the scourge of many homes. They’re small, annoying, and hard to eliminate without help from a professional exterminator. But there are numerous other places where you can find bed bugs hiding in your body—and they’re not as apparent as you might think. These sneaky little creatures can hide everywhere, from your hair follicles to behind your eyelashes! Here’s how they do it:

bed bugs lives in various places

Bed Bugs Live In A Variety Of Places.

You can find bed bugs on your bed, mattress, and box spring; headboards, dressers, nightstands, and couches; carpets and rugs; upholstered furniture like chairs or sofas; cracks in walls or floors (and even under doors); along baseboards where they hide until they feel safe to come out at night.

Bed bugs can also live as hitchhikers on clothing you wear while traveling—like suitcase luggage tags! They may hide inside fabric seams, such as jeans or socks if you don’t remove them before putting them on. So keep an eye out for those pesky critters before flying overseas!

Bed bugs can hide anywhere

Bed Bugs Can Hide Anywhere.

Bed bugs hide in the seams of mattresses and box springs and around your bed frame, headboard, and footboard. You can find bed bugs on pillows and blankets, where they will feed on you while you sleep.

If you notice red bites or any other signs of an infestation (black dots on sheets or tiny blood spots that look like specks), take action immediately because these are the first places bed bugs will bite for their lifecycle to begin!

They will use your body to move around if they infest your house

They Will Use Your Body To Move Around If They Infest Your House.

Bed bugs are tiny insects that like to hide in your clothing and on your body. They can crawl into your hair, under your clothes, and even your skin. The tiny insects will use your body to get around when they infest your house.

They can crawl up your body and get into your clothes by hiding in pockets or inside pouches during travel. When bed bugs enter these items, they will move around freely until they find an area with no tension from the fabric holding them back—such as behind buttons or zippers on shirts or pants (this also makes it easier to sneak out). Don’t let bed bugs spread in your home. Know how professionals that do bed bug extermination in Fort Worth, TX, act with these kinds of emergencies.

Bed bugs prefer to feed on your head, neck, and arms

Bed Bugs Prefer To Feed On Your Head, Neck, And Arms.

Bed bugs are bloodsucking insects found anywhere but prefer to feed on your head, neck, and arms. You or someone else in the household will most likely notice these areas.

Bed bug bites look like a rash around the bite site and may last several days or weeks. The itching associated with bed bug bites is often mistaken as an allergic reaction when it’s just an irritation caused by their saliva (which causes urticaria).

Bed bugs are unnoticeable but leave signs

Bed Bugs Are Unnoticeable But Leave Signs

Bed bugs are small, brown, or reddish-colored insects that feed on human blood and other warm-blooded animals. They’re hard to see with the naked eye, but they leave behind tracks like telltale signs of their presence:

  • Blood stains from puncture wounds on sheets and mattresses
  • Fecal matter from poppier areas like pillowcases

Bite marks on the skin. These pests leave behind tiny dark spots when they feed, which can be seen by looking for them with a magnifying glass.

Bed bugs can hide in your clothes

Bed Bugs Can Hide In Your Clothes!

Bed bugs can hide in your clothes too. You may think that all you need to do is look at the seams and see if there are any tiny dots of blood or droppings on your clothing, but bed bugs can be hard to spot! Bed bug bites don’t always look like a mosquito or tick has bitten them—they appear red because they’re irritated by their saliva. So how do you tell if that little red dot on your shirt came from an insect?

You’ll want to check for live insects before washing any recently worn items in infested areas. This can help prevent further infestations!

Things you have to do if you feel like there are bed bugs in your body

Things You Have To Do If You Feel Like There Are Bed Bugs In Your Body:

If you think you’ve found bed bugs, the first thing to do is get a professional inspection. They’ll be able to tell if there are any live bugs inside your home and ensure everything is up to snuff before they leave. Bed bug inspections are usually free of charge and can be done by contacting your local pest control company or calling an exterminator directly.

If, after an inspection, it turns out that there aren’t any bed bugs in your home (or where they came from), professionals recommend following these steps:

  • Wash all clothes, bedding, or curtains in hot water, then dry thoroughly
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any bugs you find
  • Keep an eye out for new bites on yourself or other family members
Don't fear the little creepies

Don’t Fear The Little Creepies.

Bed bugs are a common household pest. They can be challenging to detect, hiding in crevices and cracks on the body. If you think you have bed bugs, don’t panic! You should immediately call a professional exterminator so they can inspect your home and treat any infestation. Don’t try to treat the problem yourself; this could lead to an injury or death by fiery retaliation from angry bed bug relatives.

Don’t panic. Bed bugs are not a huge problem, but they can be a nuisance if you need to know what they look like or how to identify them. The best way to stay safe is by keeping clutter in your room and cleaning it regularly. Also, be sure that there are no cracks around doors where bed bugs could hide to get into your home. Finding a bed bug on yourself is alarming. You should immediately call a professional to remove these pests before they spread.

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