Commercial Bed Bug Treatment

Tailored Bed Bug Treatment for Your Business

Protect your business from the disruption of bed bug infestations with customized treatment plans designed to suit your specific needs. Our expert solutions offer efficient and effective eradication methods, ensuring your operations remain unaffected.

Facilities We Serve in Dallas, TX

Our team specializes in comprehensive bed bug eradication services across various commercial sectors. Utilizing advanced heat treatment techniques, we ensure a pest-free environment while maintaining the integrity of your premises. We tailor our expertise to the unique requirements of various industries, encompassing the following areas:


We provide discreet and effective bed bug treatments for vacation rentals, ensuring guest comfort and safety.


We design our services for hotels and motels to rapidly address bed bug issues, minimizing disruption to guests and operations.

Nursing Homes

We offer gentle yet effective bed bug eradication, prioritizing the health and well-being of residents.


Our bed bug treatments for hospitals are safe, fast, and efficient, ensuring patient safety and continuity of care.

Assisted Living

We design our dedicated bed bug removal services to create a secure and cozy atmosphere for the elderly.

Office Buildings

Keep your workplace productive and bed bug-free with our discreet and effective treatments.

Schools & Daycares

We provide safe bed bug solutions for educational institutions, ensuring a healthy learning environment for children.

Retail Stores

Our bed bug treatments for retail settings are quick and discreet, safeguarding your brand’s reputation.

Drug & Rehab Facilities

We support the healing environment of rehab facilities with our effective bed bug eradication services.

Senior Living

Ensuring the comfort and dignity of senior residents, we offer specialized bed bug treatments for senior living facilities.


We extend our bed bug eradication services to vehicles such as semi trucks, cars, vans, and trucks, ensuring a bed bug-free transport experience.

Rental Property

Protect your investment and tenants with our comprehensive bed bug treatments for rental properties.

Pest Control Contract Work

Strategic Partnerships for Comprehensive Bed Bug Solutions

We offer our advanced heat treatment services to other pest control firms without such capabilities, enabling them to deliver a full range of solutions to their customers. Through this strategic partnership, we ensure effective bed bug elimination by extending our specialized techniques to companies in need.

Our Bed Bug Treatment Methods

Commercial Strategies for Ensuring a Bed Bug-Free Workplace in Dallas, TX

Elevate the safety and comfort of your workplace with our specialized bed bug eradication strategies, all tailored for commercial environments. Employing various proven techniques, we assure businesses that they are bed bug-free. Companies can rely on our proven techniques for effective results, which include the following:

1 day fast service

1-Day Fast! Heat Treatment

Heat treatment kills all stages of a bed bug’s life during our 1-day treatment process. You don’t have to sleep another night with these bed bugs.

• Bug-Free in One Treatment
• Kills All Bed Bug Stages
•100% Family & Pet Safe
• Save Furniture & Mattress


Bio & Eco Friendly Treatment

Natural fungal spores are applied in a proprietary formulation in this treatment. Due to its excellent long-term activity, Aprehend® provides three months of protection.

• Affordable & Effective
• Kills All Bed Bug Stages
• 100% Family & Pet Safe
• Long Lasting Residual



Our conventional treatment starts killing in 5 minutes & lasting for up to 30 days. It is designed to kill all of a bed bug’s life stages.

• Most Affordable
• Kills for 30 Days
• 100% Family & Pet Safe
• Small Treatment Friendly

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FAQs About Bed Bug Treatment In Commercial Spaces

See some common questions and answers below

How do you handle large-scale commercial bed bug infestations?

We develop a customized treatment plan for extensive infestations, including a thorough inspection, treatment, and follow-up to ensure complete removal.

Are your bed bug treatment methods environmentally responsible?

We design our treatments to eradicate bed bugs effectively while being mindful of our ecological footprint.

What commercial bed bug solutions are available for hotels and motels?

We provide comprehensive bed bug eradication services for hotels and motels, which include treating individual rooms and common areas to ensure guest safety and comfort.

Do you offer commercial bed bug treatment partnerships for pest control companies without heat treatment capabilities?

Yes, we provide pest control contract work, specializing in bed bug heat treatments, to help other pest control companies expand their service offerings.

What is your process for treating bed bugs in commercial settings like hospitals and nursing homes?

Our treatments in sensitive environments like hospitals and nursing homes prioritize safety and effectiveness, using methods that align with health standards.

How discreet are your bed bug treatment services for businesses?

Discretion is vital in our services; we offer unmarked vehicles and nondescript uniforms to perform treatments privately.

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