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Keep Your Residential Spaces Safe From Bed Bugs

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Safeguard your peace of mind with state-of-the-art heat treatment designed to eliminate bed bugs from your property effectively. Embrace a proactive approach to pest control that is both efficient and environmentally friendly, ensuring your spaces remain serene and free from unwanted invaders.

Residential Spaces We Serve in Dallas, TX

Protect your residence from bed bug infestations with our tailored solutions for various living situations, ensuring a pest-free sanctuary. Depend on us to tackle your bed bug issues for the following:

Home Owners

Our comprehensive heat treatment for homeowners eradicates bed bugs efficiently, safeguarding your home as a secure and comfortable environment for your family.


We offer specialized services for apartment residents, focusing on comprehensive treatment plans that address individual units and common areas to prevent the spread of bed bugs.


We assist renters in navigating the bed bug eradication process, including providing advice on communicating effectively with landlords to ensure prompt and thorough treatment.


Our services extend to personal vehicles, offering specialized treatments to ensure your cars, vans, and trucks remain free from bed bugs, protecting your travels.

About Our Bed Bug Treatment Options

Residential Solutions for Bed Bug-Free Living in Dallas, TX

Embrace a life uninterrupted by bed bugs with our dynamic treatment options, each crafted for efficiency, safety, and ease. Our treatments offer immediate relief, eco-conscious longevity, or a cost-effective solution to cater to your every need and preference. Included in our arsenal are the following:

1 day fast service

1-Day Fast! Heat Treatment

Heat treatment kills all stages of a bed bug’s life during our 1-day treatment process. You don’t have to sleep another night with these bed bugs.

• Bug-Free in One Treatment
• Kills All Bed Bug Stages
•100% Family & Pet Safe
• Save Furniture & Mattress


Bio & Eco Friendly Treatment

Natural fungal spores are applied in a proprietary formulation in this treatment. Due to its excellent long-term activity, Aprehend® provides three months of protection.

• Affordable & Effective
• Kills All Bed Bug Stages
• 100% Family & Pet Safe
• Long Lasting Residual



Our conventional treatment starts killing in 5 minutes & lasting for up to 30 days. It is designed to kill all of a bed bug’s life stages.

• Most Affordable
• Kills for 30 Days
• 100% Family & Pet Safe
• Small Treatment Friendly

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We’re your go-to solution for all your bed bug challenges, ensuring a clean and comfortable home environment. Our treatments target every stage of bed bug infestations, safeguarding your space with the utmost care for health and safety.

Regarding dependable bed bug treatment, our reputation for excellence speaks for itself. Connect with us today, and let’s make your living space a bedbug-free zone, leaving you to enjoy the comfort of your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

See some common questions and answers below

What sets your residential bed bug treatment apart from others?

Our treatment combines heat technology with safe, eco-friendly practices, ensuring a thorough eradication without harming your environment.

Do I need to discard any of my furniture for a bed bug treatment?

No, you do not need to discard any furniture. We design various treatments to eradicate bed bugs and preserve furniture and belongings.

What residential areas do you treat for bed bugs?

We treat all residential areas, including bedrooms, living rooms, apartments, and vehicles, ensuring a comprehensive approach to bed bug eradication.

Is bed bug treatment safe for pets and children?

Yes. All our residential bed bug treatment options are designed with safety in mind, ensuring they are safe for pets and children.

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